Friday, May 7, 2010

Malaysia Wedding Videographer + Customer's Testimonial By Deon & Serra

Hi Christina, I'm so sorry about the late testimonial. Have been busy settling down with our newly married status.. Thanks for making our wedding day so special and memorable. Friends whom have viewed our video montage loved it so much that they requested us to upload it to our facebook. THey even commented that the video montage was very well done and funny too. It brought laughter to our guests on that wedding banquet nite. Not only did our guests loved it, we and our immediate family loved it too. As the main lead, its not unusual that me and my wife watched it umpteen times. Its surprising that even my little nieces (9 and 10 years old) watched it everyday too. Till now, we still talk about about the video montage. Most important of all, we don't even realised that Yeo is there videographing!! Every moment that he captures is all natural and yet, significant and beautiful. He made us so relaxed that we had fun working with him that day. The only regret I have is not engaging him for my wedding nite videography. Well, to those friends whom I"ve already pass Yeo's contact to, please do a full day videography. Yeo's worth it and I can assure that in 60 years down the road, your grandchildren will still enjoy his products. Apologise Christina for the lengthy testimonial. Please feel free to upload our photos to your website. We even wanted you to post our video on your website coz its so well taken!! haha.. I know, its too much for us to request that from you.. Anyway, thanks for you and Yeo.. We hope that you will continue your good work and bring happiness to many new couples ahead!! Thanks once again..

Deon & Serra Happily married on 17 Sep 2008

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