Friday, May 7, 2010

Malaysia Wedding Videographer + Customer's Testimonial By Ade & KT

Hello Christina!
Apologies for taking this long after our AD to post this message but we sincerely thank you and Yeo very much for the wonderful videography job well done! My guests were soOOO entertained by the express highlight at the banquet! It was the talk of the town that night!

Yeo's superb editing skills within the intense few hours with such great effect, has won many praises from our families and friends. My brother even asked Yeo for Filmman's contact to pass on to his friend who's getting married!

We are really very happy with the service and quality provided by Filmmanvideo. It was one of the wisest choice we made for the wedding honestly.

To the brides-to-be:

I've been through the search process with high scrutiny like you are doing now, but I have no 2nd thoughts in recommending Filmmanvideo to you & my friends now that I've seen their work for my own wedding. They may not be the cheapest videography service you can find in the market, but for the fantastic quality work they produce, their professionalism, and the heart to make things beautiful for your wedding, I think it's a steal instead.
One thing I really appreciate is Yeo's attention to details in the videography. Most videography I've seen only films down that day's motion, but in Yeo's videography, there are so much little details captured. It's really beautiful and sweet...till now after viewing it so many times, it still brings laughter and tears watching it.

Personally, I feel that videography is extremely important to record that special day of yours. It's not only for that one banquet night, but it's a lasting memory for your loved ones and yourselves for the rest of your lives and it's easily accessible too.

So, all the best in your preparation brides! Have a beautiful wedding!

Ade & KT

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