Friday, May 7, 2010

Malaysia Wedding Videographer + Customer's Testimonial By Mr. & Mrs. GAN

To Filmman

We remembered vividly when we first approached for your service. We had our reservation about the video quality and were afraid that our video will not turned out as per our expectation. This is a once in a life time moments which we wanted nothing but the best….but was finally convinced by you that our video will be to our satisfaction. We closed the deal.

We are so pleased with the video and in fact had exceeded our expectation. Yeo has captured our KL wedding day with so much details and memories. He has also demonstrated his humor and injected laughter and liveliness to our happy occasion.

We were also touched by your gesture to turn up and grace on our wedding dinner. It was like a new friend sharing our joy and giving your blessing to us. You and Yeo have added so much of a personal touch to our wedding which both of us will never forget.

Once again, thanks so much for the great work where all the extra mile service that you two have given to us. Here's a BIG "THANK YOU".

Footnote: For those who are still thinking whether Filmman over charge you or not. The answer is NO. I agree the price is a bit on the HIGH side, but after I received the final product, I would say, they deserved to tag you their price. Good things always come with a price.

Mr. & Mrs. GAN

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