Friday, May 7, 2010

Malaysia Wedding Videographer + Customer's Testimonial By Derek and Sin Yie

Hi Filmman,

In our preparation for our wedding, we had a whole range of decisions across different magnitudes and difficulty levels. However, one of the easiest decisions to make was that of cinematography. The moment we watched the sample video given by filmman, the quality of the video and editing is impressive and it fully conveyed the joyous feel that a wedding day should. When Christina quoted the package, basically the decision was a no-brainer.

After watching the video, our conviction that we made the right choice was further cemented. The same emotions we felt on the actual day came flowing back to us as we watched the video again. Not to mention that Filmman gave us the completed video much faster than we anticipated. Kudos to Filmman for capturing and immortalizing the moment for us.

Best Regards,
Derek and Sin Yie

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