Friday, May 7, 2010

Malaysia Wedding Videographer + Customer's Testimonial By Kenny and Cherie

To Filmman,

1st of all i would like to thanks Christina and Yeo for their punctuality and super fast and efficient editting.

I am appreciate you 2 come all the way to KL and never get lost to my house,hehhe.....pandai...

Actually i was a bit worry the day before, becoz i never met you guys nor visitted your office, what i know from u is through your website.
your website video clips are fantastic. but i worry you just put the best 1 on the web and mine will not be that good.Once i had seen my own video clip, i realise you guys really did a good job, thank u very much.

after my wedding dinner, i reviewed back what was happend that night, i wonder how Yeo shot our 1st dance since we keep moving.u guys are genious, u took 2 videocameras there, so we wont miss and scene for our dance,thank u very much....

your job is fabulous and the 5 mins express really cheer up all the guests, and surprisingly after dinner, lot of my relatives and friends request the dvd from me,and ask me where do i get you,hahahaha......dun worry, i helped you free advertise to everyone,hahaha...

one last time, thanks for your efforts and you manage to catched up the precious moment that i had missed that day.Good job! worth it!!!

Kenny and Cherie

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