Tuesday, August 24, 2010

WeeChian+Alice_Actual day Wedding Testimonial Singapore

Here's to share our recent testimonial from our lovely couple^^
(Dear Wee Chian & Alice
Thank you so much for compliment.^^)

There were lots of interactions and participation with the videographer which brings out a lot of laughter and fun to everyone.
Our friends and family love the morning express highlights! My hubby and I really love the contra express highlights- very innovative. The videographer has cleverly displayed the expressions of sisters/brothers/guests (captured when they watched the highlights during the banquet) side by side with the express highlights. Now we know what the guests’ expressions were when they watched the express highlights!
Filmman has proven itself to be 100% customer oriented. Christina took v good care of bridezilla concerns before and even so after the wedding. Video came in nice packaging with fast delivery!
Really appreciate their time, efforts and creativity! Thank you! :D >

From WeeChian & Alice (S'pore)

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