Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Videographer Singapore & Malaysia//Alvin & Vicky

Dear Christina

My humble apologies for this late testimonial. I meant to do this earlier, but I was slammed with business trips soon after my wedding. L
We are writing in with regards to our wedding which was held on 18th March 2011.
We wish to extend our utmost gratitude to your team : Mr Yeo, Ben, yourself and all the rest of the unsung heroes whom I may not have had a chance to get their names in making our night a memorable one.
To us, videography for the actual day is not to be taken lightly as this is something which we will watch and relish the moments over and over again.
Quite frankly, after we decided to get married, hours was spent in front of the computer, scouring the net for a reputable videography company. Somehow, I managed to get your company from a search engine. I went to your site, previewed the videos, and I was sold. There was nothing else to consider. We had no reason to say no to Filmman.
In those short clips, we could literally feel the emotions of everyone present, and to us, this is what a good video should be about. Emotions. Strong emotions that, even if we were to show this clip to someone who is not present at our wedding, they too, will be able to feel the emotions. It is amazing how a 3 – 5 min long clip could be this powerful.
Even though you guys came from our friendly neighboring country, dealing with Filmman was a breeze as all correspondence was done here in Singapore.
You also managed to impress our guests! I was surprised to receive a number of phone calls after our wedding, asking me who did our AD video, saying that you guys did a very good job. They commented that, in the short express highlight, they were laughing at one moment and teary eyed at another.
We would not hesitate, even for the slightest moment, to introduce your services to anyone who is getting hitched.
Well done, Filmman.
Keep doing what you do and soon we will see you guys expanding for sure!
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.
Thanks and warmest regards

Alvin and Vicky
WD:18th Mar 2011

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