Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Singapore Wedding Videographer//Sharing Testimonial !

Dear Christina

I remember the first day we met you to discuss videography for our wedding... We were won over by your friendly nature and your good work. Even though you were honest with us in telling us you had not done a hindu temple wedding ceremony, we felt that as professionals, you would be able to deliver well. And, I am glad to say we were right and made a fantastic choice in engaging Filmman Video.

We loved our Highlights video! It gives us such a feel-good feeling, and brings back nice memories of our wedding. Many guests mentioned that the video was very well-done, and were very impressed. We were both also very impressed and happy with the highlights! We can't wait to see the full thing :) You also provided us excellent service, which we are very thankful for.

We'de like to thank you and your team for doing an awesome job with the video and providing us such good service for our wedding.

We have recommended you to our friends getting married, and also have friends asking us for your contact. So I am sure, you will be getting a few calls soon. We hope that your business will continue to bloom, and hopefully, you have broken into a new indian market :)

At this juncture, we'de like to find out when you think we can get the full video as we would like to plan a thank-you party for our family & friends, and will be an excellent opportunity to relive memories with the video.

We hope to see you in other weddings soon!

Puva & Shalini

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