Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wedding Singapore Videographer//Rajkumar & Shanthini

Couple: Rajkumar and Shanthini
wedding dates: 6 12 18 June 2011

Dear Christina and Team,

Apologies for a late testimonial!

I had been looking around for a videographer for my wedding for a few months and had been confused by a few choices... It was then that I met Christina, upon recommendation of my friend, Shalini who was to wed three weeks after me, with Filmman covering her events. Christina won me over almost immediately with her friendly nature. She was cheerful, open to suggestions and easy to speak to.. When we were parting ways after the first appointment, she wished me luck for the wedding. I really liked the good vibes I received with her presence.. I met other potential videographers but was set with Christina because of my comfort level with her.

Christina also informed me honestly about not having done an Indian wedding prior to mine but displayed initiative in wanting to recce the temple site and discuss angles and preferences. She was also flexible about the division of hours in the offered package spread across all three of my events.

When the actual days came, Christina and crew were very prompt and did their job professionally. I felt comfortable and even happy to see her and the crew around.

I saw the first cut of the highlights during my wedding dinner. i was very nervous and didnt know what to expect. As the highlights played to my crowded ballroom, I felt a lump forming in my throat. The video was very very nice and a lot of my guests teared as well. Even my emcee was too emotional to speak after the video. It captured the actual essence of the events. the audio quality was gd and in a movie -style fashion... I felt like I starred in some commercial via that video.

The final handover was also professional, with the crew hand delivering the videos to me in a nice package. I was happy to have left the videography in the safe hands of Christina and crew. Thank you for your friendship and warmth that made me feel relaxed throughout the wedding days:)

All the best for your future projects! I wd recommend you to all my friends:)

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