Friday, March 2, 2012

Wedding Singapore Videography//Testimonial from our valued customer!

Hi Christina,

For the pre-wedding video, we are bowled over by Filmman's level of creativity and artistry. 
Both our families and ourselves loved it so much and we decided to engage filmman's services for the extended version.

Again, we are delighted by the work filmman has accomplished for the extended package- capturing the special moments and delightful details in entirety. without their professional help, we would have missed so much of our own wedding and for that, we are grateful.

The work they have produced speaks loudly of their professionalism and creativity.
And on a personal level, the two filmman videographers are friendly, easy to work with, no airs whatsoever. Wedding crowds get rowdy, difficult and sometimes tempers flare amidst the hectic mess but the two videographers are always patient and acccomodating. After working together so closely for the weekend, it was a sad moment when it came time to bid them farewell! 

Best regards,
Adeline and Yingning

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